I had written that this was coming in a previous blog post: Clearing Essbase ASO Cubes in PBCS and now is here. I guess this really goes to show headway that is being made by Oracle support in product development to ensure any short comings in the tool are captured and quickly turned around. We had logged this as an issues a few months back, that there was not clean way to clear data in PBCS from EPM Automate. After a sit down with product development they agreed this was the best way forward, though initially planned for 17.06 we are very pleased to see this in 17.07 patch release.


Please note at time of writing this post this was not yet released in PBCS environments and will be released as per the following schedule:

  • Test environment on Friday, July 7, 2017
  • Production environment on Friday, July 21, 2017

Given not yet released, I will plan to write a Part 2 of this post showing exactly how this works.


What is included in this release

  • New EPM Automate Utility Version – This version includes the clearcube command, which uses the settings specified in a Planning job of type clear cube to delete specific data from input and reporting cubes.
  • New REST API: Clear_Cube – You can now use a REST API to clear specific data within input and reporting cubes.

  • Planning Clear Cube Job Now Clears Relational Data and Essbase Data – Previously you could only clear Essbase data. To view the updated Clear Cube job options, click Application, then Overview. From the Actions menu, select Clear Cube. On the Clear Cube page, click Create, complete the job name, select the cube, then select from the clear options displayed. Oracle has also provided two modes for clearing partial data for aggregate storage cubes. Selecting Partial Data (Basic Mode) enables you to use the member selector to specify the regions to be cleared. Selecting Partial Data (Advanced Mode) enables you to clear Essbase data by using an MDX expression in the text box provided.


What you will need to do to get this working

Install latest release of EPM Automate utility after the release date of this patch (see above for release dates) and refer to command reference for more detail on how to execute or Part 2 of this post.


Further information


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