Loading Non-Numerical Data / All Data Types Data Loads Via FDMEE or Data Management

Some time back I wrote that Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Manager (FDMEE) aka Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) Planning Data Management is not able to load non-numerical data and that to me was a major flaw in an integration tool. Understandably so, I was upset at the time because after spending a long time on a project trying to get this working I realised that the default load approach only allowed numerical data. In simple terms, looking back it was staring me in the face, FDMEE relies on relational tables to load data and it was very obvious the column that was used for data (amounts) at the time only catered numerical data. Once I paused to think about this everything clicked inside me and the transformer inside me said, “lets roll-out another approach” and that we ended up using basic planning (planning outline load utility) loads to get the non-numerical data loading in an automated approach.

Reminds me of quote by Yoda (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

Anyways hope you enjoyed the story…

Now, actually for a while this has now been available, the functionality is available that allows you to load data in the following data type formats to Hyperion Planning using FDMEE / Data Management:

  • numbers
  • text
  • Smartlists (note this only assigns the Smartlist value as data and does not add Smartlist entries to Smartlists)
  • Date

I think for me to just share with you now, would not give much value as many already know that this is available, so I thought it would be nice to give you some hints on how to use this functionality and what to look out for when using this functionality:

How to use:

  • When creating an import format select All Data Types Data Loads.FDMEE Import Format All Data Type
  • In the Target Application feature, on the Application Options tab, select the (either “All data types in Planning file format” or “all data types with security” load method.FDMEE Application Options Load Method ALL Data Types

What to look out for:

  • Loading data for a member that does not exist in the cube but does exist in the application have a good day my friend. I once had to break a 500 record file into a divide and conquer load strategy to get to the single record that was breaking my load. The log file only advised that a record was rejected and did not advise which record or member was the issue.
  • Due to above if you are only loading numerical data I highly recommend using that “Numeric Data”
  • Do not have Value Field cannot contain a “,” replace with “;”. This is because although you may specify the delivery as something other than “,” when the final output is transformed is sent for data load it will be sent to Essbase as comma delimited and will cause you problems.
  • Do not use double quotes in value fields (“).
  • If you are loading values to assign Smartlist values, please note that it will not error if the Smartlist value that does not exist in the Smartlist you will not get an error message and the load will complete successfully.
  • When working with Smartlists, the loads can only assigns the Smartlist value as data and does not add Smartlist entries to Smartlists.


This is Ahmed Hafez (Hyperion Jedi), signing out, I hope you find success in your adventures…

The Force Is With You…


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