Groovy This & Groovy That – Part 2 The Setup

I decided to keep this KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Nothing too crazy here and think of this blog as a reference point in relation to getting started with Groovy for PBCS. I’m hoping to show the more detailed / more clever things in future post in this series. This post will cover How to Install, Setup and Test Groovy.

How to Install & Setup Groovy?

  1. Go to

  2. Download the Software2017-07-15 15_21_33-The Apache Groovy programming language - Download - Internet Explorer

  3. Install Groovy

Run the installer with an Admin User

2017-07-15 15_23_56-Downloads

Select your language

2017-07-15 15_25_09-Installer Language

Click Next

2017-07-15 15_25_32-Groovy-2.4.11 Setup

Review and Accept the License Agreement (but only if you agree, but if you don’t agree guess what, you can’t use the software 😦 )

2017-07-15 15_25_56-Groovy-2.4.11 Setup

Select the Full Install Type

2017-07-15 15_26_25-The Apache Groovy programming language - Download - Internet Explorer

Select an install location or accept the default

2017-07-15 15_27_14-Groovy-2.4.11 Setup

I can hear Yoda in the Background: Patience You Must Have My Young Padawan. Name your Start Menu Folder and Install

2017-07-15 15_27_51-Groovy-2.4.11 Setup

When the install completes click Next

2017-07-15 15_28_40-Skype for Business Basic

Set Home, Paths and Variables

2017-07-15 15_29_32-Skype for Business Basic

If your Java Home is not set you will get this error

2017-07-15 15_33_04-Environment Variables

Set the Java Home in Environment Variables

2017-07-15 15_53_19-Environment Variables

Accept the Defaults

2017-07-15 15_34_04-File Associations

Test Groovy Is Working

2017-07-15 15_56_18-GroovyConsole





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