HFM Migrations, How Cool is this?

Why is this so cool?

  • Requires a one-time setup.
  • Can now be done in the front end without access the source system.
  • Re-introduces the copyapp function through the front end without server access / client tools to trigger.
  • Has made a lot of people very happy, many of which refused to upgrade to because of the loss of the copy app functionality.
  • Has a really awesome progress screen to indicate progress of migration and status from front end and access to log.

Pre-Reqs (Before starting):

  • Ensure patch is applied and you have run all the SQL commands as per the patch instructions
  • Ensure the SQL user has SysAdmin Privileges ‘

The Setup

Create SQL Linked Server (Required only during initial setup). Run the following commands in the HFM Target Database. Please note information you are adding below will be referencing the source databases. Note: SourceServer should be replaced with actual server name, User with actual user name, Database with actual database name and Password with actual password for the source.

  • exec sp_addlinkedserver N’SOURCESERVER‘,@srvproduct=N”,@provider=N’SQLNCLI’,@datasrc=N’Database
  • exec sp_addlinkedsrvlogin N’SOURCESERVER‘,@useself=N’FALSE’,@rmtuser=N’User‘,@rmtpassword=N’Password
  • exec sp_serveroption @server=N’SOURCESERVER‘,@optname=N’rpc’,@optvalue=N’true’
  • exec sp_serveroption @server=N’SOURCESERVER‘,@optname=N’rpc out’,@optvalue=N’true’

Create HFM Linked Server

Test the connection to the source database, this is to be done in Target environment.


Import Application

Hyperion Jedi Migration HFM Application - Import Application

Hyperion Jedi Migration HFM Application - Select Source and Target Application

This is Ahmed Hafez (Hyperion Jedi), signing out, I hope you find success in your adventures…

The Force Is With You!!!


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